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Three in four mothers-to-be feel pressure to look good!

looking-goodCROP.jpgAs if mothers-to-be don’t have enough on their plate, with just having a baby, it has now emerged that nearly three-quarters of expectant mothers feel immense pressure to look good because of the high standards set by celebrity ‘yummy mummies’.

A poll of 1,000 new mothers and mothers-to-be found that four in five can’t help but worry that they are not dressing well enough. Mother’s in Bristol are said to invest the most in looking good by spending an average of £302 on clothing and maternity wear.

There are a lot of high-profile women having babies this year including the Duchess of Cambridge and reality TV star Kim Kardashian. The Duchess being the celebrity that pregnant women are trying to follow more avidly. With more than half of those polled, by health company Phillips, pondering a ‘royal name’ such as Elizabeth or Henry. Nearly one in three will even be swayed by the royal couple’s choice of name according to the survey. A more positive observation that the poll made however, was that breast feeding and the effects of a new baby on their relationship was not a major worry for most women.