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When to call your doctor or midwife?


Everyone expects pregnancy to bring an expanding waistline. But many women are surprised by the other body changes that pop up that they weren’t expecting. Not having a full understanding of what is normal and what isn’t can cause unnecessary stress for a pregnant mother.

Our independent midwives believe in empowering women to understand what is happening within their bodies at this crucial time and to know when they need to ask for extra care. Body aches, fatigue, heartburn and constipation are just a few things which happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy that can cause discomfort and concern.

At Simply Better Births we believe any concern shouldn’t be left for you to worry about. If something seems abnormal a 24 hour midwife is here to help and advise you. It is important to have the confidence to speak to someone about something that doesn’t seem right. In many cases symptoms will not indicate a serious problem and can be treated easily. Occasionally though there is the chance they are signs of a more serious complaint so please do seek advice if something doesn’t seem normal. We are here to help and fill in any of the missing gaps in your knowledge so you can have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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