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Having a baby can actually boost your social life!

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Many first time- parents believe they will completely lose their social life once their baby arrives, however, recent research has found that having children is actually likely to boost a woman’s circle of friends. Figures show that mothers on average, gain nine new ‘mum friends’ after they give birth increasing their social group from 13 to 22.

Strong bonds are created almost instantly between them as they share hints and tips. More than half of the women felt it was surprisingly easy to make friends after giving birth and 70 per cent said it was because they had ‘so much in common’.

Nearly half of the women found they made friends at mother and toddler groups and a fifth kept in touch with mums they met at antenatal classes. Many admitted they felt more comfortable sharing intimate and person information with women they had just met, including their post-baby love life!

A spokeswoman from House of Light, a charity that supports women with postnatal depression said many women with PND experience low self-esteem and don’t meet other mums. They can feel lonely and isolated. Having a good network of friends after giving birth is important and can help combat the problem. If you are struggling with feelings of isolation and would like to speak to one of our qualified midwives, Simply Better Births can advise on any area of pregnancy and in particular will offer you the best possible postnatal care.

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