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Kate’s Baby Date Announced!

Royal Baby.jpg

The expected arrival day of the Royal baby has been the most closely guarded secret surrounding the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy. Up until now bookmakers' royal baby odds have been heating up in anticipation of the July due date. But it has now been announced that the official due date Kate has been given is 13th July. This happens to fall right in the middle of the Coronation Festival, a four day celebration that will be marking 60 years since the crowning of the Queen. The festival will run from 11th-14th July, meaning William and Kate are almost sure to miss out for the private birth of their first child.

A due date is calculated from an ultrasonic examination based on fetal size but only 5% of all babies are actually born on their estimated arrival date. The normal time frame of birth is two weeks before the due date, until two weeks after the due date. During the last few weeks of Kate’s pregnancy she is likely to experience more aches and possible back pains, indigestion and possibly swollen feet. It is important she rests up as much as possible although sleeping can become difficult. When the baby ‘drops’ in the last weeks of pregnancy there is less pressure upwards so less heartburn and breathlessness. There will be increased pressure downwards however, so Kate may experience aching thighs and more regular trips to the bathroom are commonplace. She should take it easy by taking warm baths and naps to rest up before her new arrival.

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