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New Mothers More at Risk of OCD

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The stress and worry of motherhood makes women more prone to obsessive compulsive disorder. New mothers are up to five times more likely to have the condition than other women. A recent study, which has been reported in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, saw 11% of mothers with children aged between 2 weeks and 6 months experience this problem compared with 2-3% of the general public. The behaviour may be natural to help mothers care for their baby during the most dangerous months of its life and some obsessions and compulsions are appropriate e.g. cleanliness and hygiene. However when the behaviour begins to interfere with normal day to day functions and appropriate care for the baby it becomes mal-adaptive and pathological.

The condition is even more common in new mothers than postnatal depression, which affects around one in ten. Scientists believe that in many cases the two may be linked. Postnatal depression and psychosexual problems can also affect new Mothers and can be an enormous source of worry and anxiety for a mother and even a relationship. You can receive help and advice for any of these problems from our independent midwives and qualified psychosexual psychotherapist at Simply Better Births.

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