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Should I go to hospital if I start bleeding?

It is frequently asked what should be done if a woman experiences bleeding during pregnancy. Many women are not informed that some bleeding during pregnancy can be normal. However, other types of bleeding and spotting in pregnancy may indicate a problem, such as a placental disorder.

Obviously for a major bleed the answer is yes, a woman should go to hospital but a little spotting is less serious. The best advice would be from your midwife who will know you well, but if this person is not available then our online maternity advice may be able to help and reassure.

Another frequently asked question and concern is: how often should I feel my baby move? This is an important concern. An active baby in the womb is a healthy baby. If movements should stop for a significant period this is serious. Your midwife will be concerned by any significant changes in your baby’s movement. If you are concerned then you may like to discuss this with one of our midwives.

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