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The Miracle Twins who were born 87 days apart!

TheMiracleTwins.jpgDoctors have described their survival as the ‘medical equivalent of a lottery win’ but the mother of twin girls Amy and Katie calls them her ‘little miracles’. Amy Elliott was born four months early last June. After a difficult 2 day labour Amy was born at a tiny 1lb 3oz and was thought to have a very slim chance of survival. As soon as she was born she was rushed straight to intensive care because she was so premature. Maria was in total shock but knew she had to keep focus because there was still another baby to deliver. But then incredibly instead of twin Katie being born straight afterwards Maria’s contractions stopped.

After the doctors failed to induce Maria the following day, it was decided that they would let nature take its course and keep Katie in the womb. It wasn’t until almost 3 months later at the end of August when the doctors believed it was safe to induce Maria again and Katie was born weighing 5lb 10oz. Both the girls are now healthy and having 87 days between the birth of the two twins means they beat the current Guinness World Record for the 'longest interval between the birth of twins'.