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A whole generation of mothers and babies may not get the support they need

Midwife Shortage.jpgThe NHS’s chronic shortage of midwives will last into the mid- 2020s, despite ministerial pledges to improve maternity care amid a continuing baby boom, according to new figures. Calculations by The Royal College of Midwives suggest that the gap between the number of midwives the NHS in England needs and the number it now has will not be closed until 2026. This shortage will lead to maternity wards closing down in places and some mothers receiving inadequate care.

Last year the Care Quality Commission (CQC) warned that one in seven of the 141 hospital trusts in England that provide maternity services did not have enough midwives. The number of qualified midwives in the NHS in England rose from 20,132 in May 2010 to 21,410 in April this year. Although this is a considerable increase of 1,278 midwives it was no where near the 3,000 that David Cameron pledged to recruit before the 2010 election. The lack of midwives is worrying as it could leave mothers without the support they need.

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