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Lack of iodine during pregnancy can lead to reduced mental development in children

Iodine233H.jpgEveryone knows that a healthy diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle at any time, but is especially vital if you're pregnant or planning a pregnancy. A new study has now shown that adequate IODINE intake is important for pregnant women.

A group of researchers, from Surrey and Bristol universities, have completed a long-term health research project measuring iodine content of the urine of women in their first trimester and assessing the child’s IQ at the age of eight. Taking external factors into consideration, it was found that the lower the mother's concentration of iodine, the lower the average scores for IQ and reading ability in the children.

According to authors of the new report a lack of iodine can lead to reduced mental development because iodine is essential for producing the hormones made by the thyroid gland, which have a direct effect on foetal brain development. The study shows the particular importance of iodine in the diet during the early stages of pregnancy so even if you are trying for a baby you should ensure your uptake is adequate. It is not difficult to eat a sufficient amount of iodine as long as you include milk, dairy products and fish in your diet. It is said however that kelp supplements should be avoided as they may have excessive levels of iodine. If you are trying for a baby or pregnant and would like to speak with the birth team at Simply Better Births about diet or dietary supplements please call: 0844 880 1084.

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