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Men account for four out of ten infertile couples…

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A recent study of 26,000 Frenchmen showed a drop in fertility as measured by their sperm count. Sperm samples from these men were analysed and showed that a 32% drop from 74 million/ml in 1989 to 50 million/ml in 2005.

Before you panic though this is still well over the lower limit for normal fertility which is 15 million/ml but it is something to think about as fewer sperm will mean it takes longer to conceive. Difficulty in conceiving was previously thought to be a female problem and women were put through gruelling fertility tests before the man was investigated. With conception being left later and later it is important to remember that even young and healthy couples have no more than a 25% chance of conceiving in any one menstrual cycle.

The Simply Better Birth pregnancy support helpline is here to support anyone experiencing difficulty having a baby and can create you a specific birthing plan. It is important to remember that by having a healthy lifestyle and reducing stress you will increase the likelihood of conceiving.

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