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What a big surprise!

A baby girl has been born in Germany this week weighing an astonishing 13 lb 8 oz (almost a stone)! She is twice the weight of an average newborn girl but what is even more remarkable is that her mother managed to deliver her naturally, without need of a Caesarean section.

Baby Jasleen was born last Friday in Leipzig, Germany measuring 57.5 cm. Her mother Maria, who is 31, was shocked at the size of her baby girl because her two other children both weighed under a third of Jasleen’s weight when they were born. It was only after Jasleen’s birth that doctors discovered that the mother was suffering from undiagnosed gestational diabetes which can cause abnormally big babies.

Jasleen is Germany’s heaviest baby but she is still 10lb lighter than the world record. She is doing well but remains in neonatal intensive care so doctors can monitor her. Online maternity advice is available with Simply Better Births. You can arrange a Skype chat with our midwives online by emailing