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Changes during pregnancy…

You will experience changes during pregnancy which will impact your dietary intake. Nausea and vomiting affects 70% of pregnant women and is exacerbated by fatigue. Some symptoms are relieved by small and frequent high carbohydrate meals. Nausea is most problematic during the first trimester although it can persist throughout pregnancy in 20% of women.

An increased appetite and thirst are experienced by 50% of women. The Capacity of the stomach is reduced in late pregnancy due to displacement by gravid uterus.

Some women have cravings for unusual food combinations during pregnancy and these are usually harmless. Alternatively women may develop a dislike for foods and drinks normally enjoyed, such as tea and coffee. This may be exacerbated by a metallic taste in the mouth.

Some women experience increased salivation inducing nausea. Increased progesterone levels can also lead to indigestion during pregnancy.

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