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When can I find out if it is a boy or a girl?

Old wives’ tales say the shape of the bump is the key but a new book reveals the REAL way to predict a baby’s sex!

Science journalist Jenna Pincott wrote a book during her pregnancy using the latest medical understanding to answer some of the biggest mysteries and misconceptions of this extraordinary time.

The old adage has it that a woman with a high, tight bump will have a boy, while a low bump that spills over the sides suggests a girl. But surprisingly, it is not the bump that reveals the baby’s sex but your shape on top is a more accurate predictor. Women carrying girls develop larger breasts during pregnancy than women carrying boys (their bust increases by 8cm on average compared with 6.3cm for women carrying boys).

Male foetuses produce more testosterone and require more energy from their mother — because they will grow to be bigger — and these conditions may suppress breast growth. If you are having a baby and would like to know if it is a boy or a girl 4D ultrasound from the Harley Street Centre and other centres in the UK can give you the most accurate imaging of your baby.

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