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Antenatal care

Antenatal care.jpgThough they aren't compulsory, antenatal classes can really help you and your partner to focus on your pregnancy, and help you to be prepared for labour and birth. They are especially good for excited but very apprehensive first time parents-to-be! If your classes address early parenthood, you'll also be better prepared for the practicalities, and the highs and lows, of parenthood.

Antenatal classes are also a great opportunity to meet other parents-to-be. Classes are normally booked according to your due date so you can meet women or couples whose babies will be born at a similar time. The content of the classes can vary depending on where you go but generally antenatal care will concentrate on physically and emotionally preparing you for labour and birth.

Private antenatal care can be much more in-depth and you may learn more about your developing baby, giving birth and meeting your baby, caring for your baby and your own health and wellbeing. But whether you decide to go for private classes or not the aim of all antenatal classes is to improve your skills and confidence, as well as preparing you for a positive birth experience. And remember you can always speak with the Simply Better Birth independent midwives about any concerns you may have.