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Midwifery in UK

Most ladies deliver their babies through the NHS system, however resources are stretched and many women are not as well prepared for this life changing experience as they should be, in particular preparing mothers’ for childbirth is under provided (ante-natal counselling).

Few ladies are told that assisted forceps delivery can lead to 80% of women suffering incontinence problems and that there has been a rise in post traumatic stress disorder with one in three women in an Israeli study experiencing symptoms of PTSD.

Human Rights lawyer Elizabeth Prochaska feels so strongly about the subject she has just launched a charity called Birth Rights to give women free legal support and advice about their rights in pregnancy and childbirth.

Professor Grudzinskas, a former professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Bart’s Hospital, says “There is a world of diminishing resources but increasing expectations for mothers to be, the fact is because of budget issues there is much less flexibility and likelihood of a happy outcome to an agreed birth plan.”

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