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DIY in old houses may harm unborn babies

Renovating an old house while pregnant could put mothers-to-be and their unborn children at risk, experts have warned. They say DIY on such properties can release lead from old paint work, a poison that can raise blood pressure, putting women at risk of pre-elcampsia, which can be fatal to both mother and child.

Open fires, alcohol and even pet dogs have also been flagged up as potential sources of lead in pregnancy in a study by Bristol University. The study found that lead readings in blood samples taken from 4,000 pregnant women were higher than those found in similar groups in other developed countries. Surprisingly they were higher in women who were educated to degree level, this was unexpected but could be because they are more likely to buy older homes and renovate them. The samples used in this study were taken in early 1990s and the use of lead has fallen since then but even small amounts of the metal are believed to be dangerous and pregnant women should be aware of this.

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