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Caprice expecting two little miracles!

Caprice.jpgTop model Caprice and husband Ty were warned by medics that she was unlikely to conceive naturally and hoped a surrogate would help end their baby heart ache. In December last year the couple were overjoyed to learn an American woman acting as their gestational surrogate was pregnant with their biological child. But just four months later stunned Caprice discovered she was also pregnant! Incredibly she had conceived just one month after her surrogate. Now both babies are even due on the same date just one month apart.

This is definitely no the first time that a woman longing to have a baby has got pregnant just as she has stooped worrying about it. What is really heartening to hear though is how truly grateful Caprice is being to her surrogate. She sees her as part of her family now and is ‘forever grateful for the kindness and selflessness she has shown’. Caprice and Ty will think of the babies as twins and although things are soon to become very hectic it sounds like they can’t wait. If you are planning on having a baby and would like some birth plan help our highly trained midwives are here to speak to about creating a birth plan to suit you. You can speak over the phone, Skype or book a consultation with Simply Better Births.

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