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Would you want a £99 test on the quality of your breast milk?

It has recently been reported in the British Medical Journal that breastfeeding will not only provide your baby with all the nutrients it needs, but could also boost their social mobility. ‘Breast is best’ because of the unique nutritional benefits a mother’s milk contains along with the skin-to-skin contact and bonding that the baby and mother experience during breastfeeding. But now academics at Stirling University are warning that some mothers’ milk may not be as healthy for their baby as they are lead to believe because of their own diets. Omega 3, which is found in oily fish, is essential for brain development but Omega 6 which is abundant in margarines, processed foods and ready meals, competes with omega 3 for absorption into the body and can actually block omega 3 from entering your system.

In response to this research, for £99, women can have a sample of their breast milk analysed at Stirling University. It is taken for analysis to show whether a mother’s milk contains 'low', 'sub-optimal' or 'optimal levels' of omega 3, along with advice on changing their diets (to raise their omega 3 levels, and lower their omega 6 levels) and taking fish-oil supplements if necessary.

Mothers with sub-optimal levels are advised to improve their diets and take another £99 test a month later. But is this really a useful test or just a waste of money?

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