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Baby 59

Baby59.jpgA newborn baby was miraculously rescued from a sewage pipe in eastern China and has now reportedly been returned to his mother after authorities decided he had become trapped by accident.

Following a dramatic rescue operation that lasted nearly two hours and was captured on camera, the baby was freed and nicknamed Baby 59 after its incubator in Zhejiang's Pujiang People's Hospital.

The lavatory the baby fell down was a squatting lavatory with no U-bend, the baby slid straight down the waste pipe and became trapped out of reach. Amazingly after being trapped in the waste pipe Baby 59 escaped alive with just a fractured skull and bruising. Baby 59 is now, very luckily, on the road to recovery.

This horrifying story has been the topic of conversation on many online pregnancy chat websites but since the early shocking reports a different picture has emerged. Recent news reports that the mother of the baby said she had been forced to conceal her pregnancy after the father, with whom she had had a one-night stand, refused to offer her support. She is reportedly still being investigated by police but the good news is the baby now has a normal heartbeat and the bruises and injuries on his legs have been healing well.