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Baby Heart Test

Problems with a baby's heart are among the most common forms of birth defects in the UK. Most turn out to be minor, but thousands of children are born with life altering conditions.

Two years ago researchers found a simple test could diagnose some of the most serious conditions and help save lives but that test has never been rolled out. The test is a simple probe that can measure the oxygen in a baby’s blood and therefore indicate if their heart is working properly. However, only one in five UK hospitals is using this pulse oximetry test which has lead to a group of charities and doctors call on the government to make it compulsory.

1 in every 133 babies is born with a heart problem although the majority of these are minor 1,400 babies are born each year with life threatening heart problems. The pulse oximetry test is very straightforward and can detect 90% of critical heart defects. If you are having a baby and would like to speak with a 24 hour midwife about any concerns or if you want to come into the London clinic Harley street, then call Simply Better Births today.