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4D Scans of your Baby at The Harley Street Centre

Normal ultrasound scans are two dimensional and give a flat image of your baby. 4D ultrasound images give a wonderful record of your baby’s face in the womb. The amazing advances of this technology allow you to look into the world of your unborn child. These 4D scans can have a great psychological and social value as well as providing a strong bonding experience, particularly for dads. These pictures give a first impression and keepsake for parents.

It has been shown that at 24 weeks babies yawn twice every 10 minutes, but at 36 weeks they didn’t yawn at all. Monitoring the babies yawning rate may be a potential marker of healthy development. The 4D scans are ideal for parents who have any concerns for their baby’s wellbeing at any stage of pregnancy.

We can arrange 4D scanning as a unique record of your baby in the Harley Street Centre and other centres in the UK.

For more information please contact us here.